How it works

  1. Select a Package Below that Best Suits Your Goals
  2. Submit a Request for Date & Time to Record
  3. We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours

Based on ONE HOUR of recording in the studio. 30 Minute recordings are available but would need to be included in a package program. If more time is needed, please mention

Each of these packages includes an audio and video engineer to help you run the equipment for you.

Please bring a portable hard drive, so that you can take all the raw audio/video recordings to edit or use for social media needs.

Audio Only Podcast

The easiest way to ease yourself into creating amazing content for your audience. We have great recording equipment to get you sounding just right.

Video Podcast | ONE CAMERA SETUP

Put a face to your voice and start to build a relationship with your audience. Build a library of short form videos that can be used in your social media promotions.

Video Podcast | 3 CAMERA SETUP

A great option to use when you plan to have guests on your podcast, so that each person can be focused on when explaining their point of view.

Green Screen: Social Promos, Video Podcasts and More

If you would like to add more dynamic backgrounds to your video production, green screens are the best way to go.

Video Live Stream | One CAMERA SETUP

We use the latest in live streaming software and camera setup to make sure that you have the highest quality live stream and chat programs so you can interact with your audience feedback live.

Video Live Stream | 3 CAMERA SETUP

We have the ability to switch cameras live while you and your guests talk about your topics along with tapping into any social media communities you manage, so that you can have an interactive chat.

Editing Services

Video Editing Services including Audio Only Mp3 File for Podcasts

$500 – One Hour Recording Edit with One Camera

$1000 – One Hour Recording Edit with 3 Cameras

Please mention Editing Needs in Schedule Request

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“You no longer have to be a geeky tech nerd to set up a high quality podcast or vlog!

You truly get what you pay for here at 110 Studio!”

– Gary Lee | Dodgers Nation Caretaker